Submission to the Journal

Guide For Authors

Manuscript could be submitted in pdf file. However, the final submission after acceptance should be prepared in Microsoft Word file format.

Use of the template is mandatory for submission to Transactions on Science and Technology. The template can be downloaded here (doc file) or here (pdf file). Please strictly follow the format given to increase the visibility of your paper on the internet. You may check the latest format of the journal from the latest published issue.

Manuscript Title
The title should include sufficient detail and understandable for readers outside the field to appreciate what the paper is about. Include full name of author(s) (John Doe not J. Doe or John D.) below the title in a separate line. Please include name of department, institution, city and country of all author(s). For corresponding author, e-mail, telephone and fax number should be provided.

Provide a concise conclusion about the research. The abstract should state briefly about the research's background, research objective(s), methodology, results, discussion and overall conclusions. No references is allowed in abstract and must be not over than 300 words.

Please provide a maximum of 5 keywords with capitalize first letter, separated with semicolon. Author should avoid general and plural terms and multiple concepts (eg. 'and', 'of'). Keywords must be precise and representing the subject of research.

Please state the objectives of the research and provide an adequate background of the research. However, author should avoid a too much detailing literature reviews.

Materials and Methods
Materials and methods should be written in order and concisely but should contain all information necessary. Detailed descriptions of methods already published should be avoided but indicated by a reference [eg, the ergosterol extraction method was done as described previously by Chong (2009)]. However, relevant modifications of published method should be described.

Result and Discussion
Results should be clear and concise and can be presented in tables, graphs or figures. Data should be explained in sequence and avoid repetition. The discussion must be focused on the interpretation of the results and supported by relevant evidences. Authors are encouraged to discuss their findings in broader context however must only into related subjects.

Tables and Figures
Tables and figures should be presented in sequence after the table is first cited. Tables and figures must be cited in the main text in numerical order (eg. Table 1, Table 2,...etc; Figure 1, Figure 2,... etc.) and should be self-explanatory and include a brief descriptive title. All symbols and abbreviations used must be explained.

All equation must be numbered and mentioned in the text. Please use the Microsoft Equation which can be found under insert object in the toolbar.

All artwork must be in JPG., JPEG. or TIFF format. Please do not supply files that are too low in resolution.

Conclusion of the study should be presented in short but precisely. Avoid citation, table or figure in this section.

Acknowledge the sponsor(s) and fund provider of your research with the funding agency written out in full, followed by the grant number (if applicable).

Reference format should confirm the journal's referencing style and should be in alphabetical order. Where applicable, author(s) name(s), year of publication, chapter title/article title, journal title/book title, volume number/book chapter, issue number and the pagination must be present. The journal adopted modified Harvad Referencing System.

Please write your article in English (American or British usage is accepted, but not a mixture of these). Authors, who feel their English language need assistance, please consult to an expert or native person for assistance.

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