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Welcome to the Transactions on Science and Technology

Journal History
Transactions on Science and Technology is an independent journal devoted to the prompt publication of original papers in basic science disciplines, their technological applications, the dissemination of scientific knowledge and technological knowhow, and the impact of science and technology to human, which includes economics. The journal seeks to promote and disseminate knowledge among scientists and engineers by providing a medium by which the results of their research can be brought to the attention of the world's scientific communities as well as public as a whole.

The journal was established in 2014 with its first issue published in December. Two issues were published on the following year in 2015. In 2016, the journal was published in three issues: in April, August and December, and two special issues on Science and Natural Resources (June 2016), and on Marine Science and Aquaculture (September 2016). From 2017 onwards, the journal was published in four issues in March, June, September and December to meet requests from authors for rapid publication of their paper. In addition, the journal continues in publishing special issues from time to time for the benefit of the readers.

The journal was initially published under Sustainable Palm Oil Research Unit, Universiti Malaysia Sabah. At the end of 2017, the journal was acquired by UniSE Press, the publishing division of the United Scientists and Engineers International or UniSE International.

Journal Updates
7 Sept 2021: New journal's official email address is journal.editor[at]unise.org.
17 April 2020: Full Article paper category was renamed to Original Article and Short Report paper category was renamed to Short Communication

Paper submission history format was simplified from
I Received xx xx xx II Revised xx xx xx II .. to
Received xx xx xx Revised xx xx xx ..
to shorten its length.

Press Release
Last Update: 9 May 2020

New Global Impact Factor of 0.475 for Transactions on Science and Technology

We are pleased to announce to our readers that Transactions on Science and Technology’s Global Impact Factor (GIF) has increased to 0.475. This is an increase from our 2018 stats, where we received an impact factor of 0.454.

The journal GIF is a measure of citation frequency that reflects the average number of citations to articles published. Our GIF are calculated annually according to the standard formula published by Clarivate Analytics (previously ISI) where raw data used in this calculation can be accessed from the journal’s citation records in Google Scholar profile for verifications by third parties.

The GIF of a journal in a given year is the average number of citations a paper published in that journal received during the two previous years. The impact factor is often used to rank the relative importance and scientific calibre of a journal within its field.

Our 2019 GIF is a significant achievement for the journal, and demonstrates the increased recognition of Transactions on Science and Technology in the field, and the improved relevance and quality of our articles. Thank you to our team of Editors and Section Editors, Reviewers and Authors for their valuable contribution to the journal. We look forward to continued success in 2020 as the journal continues to strengthen and grow.

UniSE Press
Transactions on Science and Technology
9 May 2020

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