Approximated Solutions for Fuzzy Polynomials

Suriana Lasaraiya; Suzelawati Zenian.

Transactions on Science and Technology, 8(3-3), 539 - 544.

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Polynomials plays a major role in various fields such as mathematics, statistics, engineering and social science. By using the properties of triangular membership functions, we apply the learning algorithm of fuzzy neural network to solve the fuzzy polynomial equation. The learning algorithm is including the fuzzy coefficient Ai where i=1,2,3 and fuzzy output of Ao. In this paper, we are interested in finding solutions for polynomial like A1x + A2x2 + A3x3=A0 for x∈R where A0, A1, A2 and A3 are fuzzy numbers.

KEYWORDS: fuzzy, polynomials, triangular, fuzzy number, membership function

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