Effect of Banana Peel Flour Incorporation (Musa acuminata) on Physicochemical and Sensory Profile of Chicken Sausage

Hana Binti Mohd Zaini; Mohd. Dona Bin Sintang; Suryani Binti Saalah; Noorakmar Ab. Wahab; Jumardi Bin Roslan; Wolyna Pindi.

Transactions on Science and Technology, 8(3-2), 178 - 183.

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The study was conducted to determine the physicochemical and sensory properties of chicken sausages added with banana peel flour (BPF) in different percentages of BPF (2%, 4% and 6%). The use of BPF in sausage formulations did have a significant effect (P < 0.05) on the proximate compositions, dietary fibre and mineral content of the sausages. By increasing the proportion of BPF in the sausage 4 to 6%, the hardness was increased by 31% and 54% respectively (P < 0.05). The darker sausage was obtained as more BPF added in the formulation. The sensory evaluation showed that the chicken sausage with a concentration of 2% had the highest overall acceptability. In comparison, a sausage containing 6% was found to be the least acceptable compared to the control sample. The declining sensory acceptability of the sausages with 6% BPF was related to its hard texture and dark colour.

KEYWORDS: Banana peel, dietary fibre, meat product, sausage, physicochemical properties, sensory properties

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