A diet plan for Malaysian adolescent athletes using integer goal programming model

Zuraida Alwadood; Nur Fadhlin Husna Ayob; Norlenda Mohd Noor.

Transactions on Science and Technology, 10(1), 14 - 20.

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A good diet plan is one of the important aspects in developing healthy adolescent athlete because the main sources of energy and other nutrients come from the choices of food intake. This study aims to modify an integer goal programming model which can produce a nutritious diet menu plan that maximizes protein and minimizes fat while fulfilling the nutrient recommendation intake for Malaysian adolescent athletes aged between 13 to 18 years old. There are 50 food items with nutrition compositions and twelve nutrients are considered in the model formulation in this study. The data was mainly gathered mainly from websites of the Malaysian Food Composition Database (MyFCD) in addition to other food and diet websites. The computation experiment was run by Microsoft Excel Solver. The output results produce a solution containing 30 servings a day with optimum value of 115.8 grams of protein and 69.99 grams of fat. The diet planning solution can be referred to as the guidelines for sport schools to prepare nutritious diet meals for adolescent athletes.

KEYWORDS: Integer goal programming model; Adolescent athletes; Diet planning; Nutrient requirement; Meal plan.

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